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This training consists of a video and a questionare. I wanted to make the information easy to digest and I also wanted to make sure that you received the best experience. The product delivery from inside the video, I hope was instrumental.

What is a tripwire?

A sales tripwire is a marketing tactic used to convert potential customers into paying customers by offering them a low-priced or free product or service initially. The idea behind a tripwire is to attract leads with a compelling offer that requires minimal commitment or risk on their part. Once a customer takes advantage of the tripwire offer, they are more likely to make additional purchases or upgrades in the future. The tripwire serves as an entry point into the sales funnel, where businesses can nurture relationships with customers and encourage further engagement and sales.


Here is a diagram (course) of action of a tripwire

Potential Customers

Tripwire Offer (Low-priced or free product/service)

Tripwire Purchase


Repeat Sales


Setting up tripwires can vary in complexity depending on factors such as your business model, target audience, and the products or services you offer. However, the concept of a tripwire is relatively straightforward, and with the right strategy and tools, it can be implemented effectively.

Here are some key considerations:

  1. Offer Creation: Developing a compelling tripwire offer is crucial. It should be something that provides significant value to your potential customers while being low-risk for them to try. This could be a discounted product, a free sample, a trial subscription, or access to exclusive content.
  2. Sales Funnel Design: You’ll need to design a sales funnel that guides potential customers from awareness to purchase. This involves creating landing pages, email sequences, and other marketing materials to promote your tripwire offer and encourage conversions.
  3. Payment Processing: Setting up a system for processing payments for your tripwire offer is essential. Whether you use an e-commerce platform, payment processor, or custom solution, it should be easy for customers to complete their purchase securely.
  4. Follow-up Sequences: Once customers have made a tripwire purchase, it’s important to follow up with them to nurture the relationship and encourage further engagement. This might involve delivering additional value through email sequences, offering upsells or cross-sells, or providing customer support.
  5. Tracking and Optimization: Finally, tracking the performance of your tripwire offer and optimizing your sales funnel based on data and feedback is key to maximizing its effectiveness. This may involve A/B testing different offers, adjusting pricing or messaging, and refining your marketing strategies over time.

While setting up tripwires requires careful planning and execution, many businesses find them to be a valuable tool for generating leads, converting customers, and increasing revenue. With the right approach, tripwires can be a relatively straightforward way to grow your business. I sincerly hope that you got something from this article. And now for those of you who prefer a video, here we go.


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