Instruction Manual for Creating and Optimizing GIFs for Email Usage


Creating and Optimizing GIFs for Email Usage

Prepare Video: Start with your video content. Choose a 12-second segment to convert into a GIF.   <=Site To Visit

Add Image Overlay: Insert an image overlay, such as a play sign, to encourage viewers to click on the GIF, which will link to your video.

Strip Audio: Before exporting, remove the audio from the video. This significantly reduces file size, which is beneficial for email use and GIF creation.

Convert to GIF using


  • Click on “Video to GIF.”
  • Choose your file and upload the video.
  • Preview the GIF if desired.
  • Click “Convert to GIF.”

Check File Size: Note the file size, ensuring it’s under 1 GB for email compatibility.


Optimize GIF:

If further size reduction is needed, select “Optimize” and then “Lossy GIF” on

Optimize the GIF.

Save GIF: Once satisfied with the file size and quality, click “Save” to download the GIF.

Usage in Emails: Insert the optimized GIF into your email newsletters, ensuring quick loading times for recipients.

Alternative GIF Sources: If you need pre-existing GIFs, visit Search for specific emotions or themes, select a GIF, and save it for use.

Additional Content: Encourage engagement by asking viewers to comment or like the video. Also, consider subscribing for more tutorial videos and content strategy advice.

Tip: Make your Gif as small as you can!


That’s all!