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What is a distribution?

In essence, it’s a method for packaging a bundle into a computer installation package. Think of it like downloading software: you double-click the executable, and the software installs itself. But here, the software actually installs your digital files, streamlining the process for both you and your customers to receive a well-organized, complete product. In the accompanying video, I demonstrate this process firsthand. While not complex, the results are truly impressive, offering endless possibilities.

Why bother with your own distribution? For a while now, customers on various platforms like your website, Etsy, and eBay have been receiving files in zip formats. However, this can be frustrating for them, as they struggle not only to unzip files but also to locate the specific files they’ve purchased or need. You can make a distribution package and once your customer goes about the process of installing the package, your PDF – the one that describes who you are, and where additional large files can be found will promptly display your instructions front and center. Your distro ( for short) can also act as your ambassador, preforming things that you may not have thought of. For example, you should have a link on your PDF that will direct your customer to any link you choose. Suppose you have a link to your website. Do you have a link to your Etsy shop or eBay listing? How about a link that directs customers to a signup or Opt-in forms. How about a link to a coupon or some other offer or opportunity such as a second website or membership site. These are all links that “should” be on your PDF.

A distribution package containing a tiny software program that provides various services such as directing customers to your PDFs, website, web links, secondary sites, flip books, opt-in pages, or Etsy shop with every use, significantly boosts the likelihood of repeat sales. This innovative approach enables you to market to your customers swiftly, ensuring that subsequent sales occur almost effortlessly. Entrepreneurs seeking to enhance their business are now achieving their desired pace quicker than ever before, all thanks to this streamlined distribution package.

So, learn how to make your own distro Setup.exe and see for yourself, just how customers receive your new products.

You possess the ability to establish your own distribution system. This tutorial will walk you through utilizing Actual Installer, demonstrating that it’s far less intimidating than it appears. With some practice and a few decisions, you’ll swiftly create distribution files. Seize this moment to leave a lasting impact on your customers and highlight your business’s professionalism. Taking this initiative will undoubtedly prove to be one of your most beneficial decisions yet. Not everyone will want to utilize this new and exciting process. But those beginners who partner with the players here, will certainly grow faster that their peers. While others work with the front end, trying their best to meet the needs of their customers – those working on the back end, create distro are nearly assured success beyond providing zip files.



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